Trg Quals


Your training within 12th Regiment is ongoing from day one. There are a number of areas which cover training. These are broken into either Military courses or Civillian courses. Military courses include those which you require to pass to enable you to gain promotion and pay upgrades, plus instructional courses and those available to enhance your employability, also known as optional courses. Examples of career courses are Strike courses levels 1-4 and Leadership courses. Examples of instructional courses are First Aid Instructor, Driving Instructor etc and examples of optional courses are Fire Group Commander and Captains Courses which enhance your knowledge of the equipment.

Military courses are planned as part of the Regimental Training Programme each year and are run in army working hours. Many of the Military Courses are transferrable to Civillian course qualifications such as NVQ´s with a little extra work by the individual.

Many Civillian courses are on offer to soldiers and can be enrolled on through the Regimental Learning Centre. An example of such a course is the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) These types of courses can either be done as part of a scheduled learning package or you can do them at home, in your own time if you wish. These courses are designed to improve the soldiers knowledge of IT but there are also courses available in other disciplines such as management. Many of the courses are free and those which attract a fee can be offset with the use of your Standard Learning Credits which ammounts to 175 pounds a year towards personal development. The PDR (Personal Development Record) allows each soldier to keep a detailed record of both their Military courses and any Civillian courses they have done. This is recorded both electronically via floppy disc and in written form. You are actively encouraged to continue your academic development. This enables soldiers to eventually make an easier transition back into civillian work once they have left the army. There are substantial educational grants available to those who chose a career in the army, this can be upto as much as 6000 pounds depending on time served towards your resettlement back into civillian life. To find out more about civillian courses available, click onto the links above.