Sport & Adv Trg

Sport and adventure training within the army is just as important as being able to do your job. It not only keeps the body and mind fit and alert, but fosters good team relations and a will to win. In 12th Regiment we have some outstanding teams and individuals. Sgt Collins was recently awarded the MBE for his excellent performances, representing the army and his country at the Luge. We also posess rugby players who are the current Mclwain Cup Champions and have represented the Gunners and the army, footballers who play for their corps, soldiers who are members of the Tug of War combined services team to name but a few. The opportunities are there for you to be as good as you can be. That may be representing your Battery in the inter battery competition or your country at the olympics. As long as you give 100%, no one can ask any more. There are few jobs outside the professional world where you are paid for playing sport, this is one of them. We are always looking for quality sportsmen and women, come and join 12th Regiment and make a name for yourself!!